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Australian born and raised, I majored in History at Harvard University (Class of ’08). I have 12+ years of buy- and sell-side experience in a variety of roles, and currently manage my personal account full-time. I tend to view the equity markets through a credit analyst’s lens (‘thinking like a creditor rather than an owner’); I try to consider the whole capital structure of an enterprise when I invest; and I believe sustainable free cash flow is the primary foundation of business value. I have little interest in purported growth stocks (unless on the short side if there is a balance sheet/restructuring angle). You can see a more detailed outline of my investing philosophy and methodology here.

You can follow me on Twitter (@puppyeh1) and at Seeking Alpha.

Outside of work, I love to play and follow sports (particularly tennis and skiing), and am interested in traveling, learning new languages, and history. If you wish to discuss potential investment ideas and/or have any further feedback for my site, please feel free to email me directly at rapercapital@gmail.com.


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Likewise. I read and study your writings/analysis very carefully and aspire to someday try to do something half as well! I particularly like how you seriously consider the opposite to your thesis as well as the caution you bring. You have an entertaining style as well. You’re a real favorite at seekingalpha!

    Best wishes for your wedding too!

    • Allan – my apologies for taking three years to reply to such a nice missive…indeed my wedding was great! I am writing more regularly now, so please keep checking my site. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  2. Hello, Is there a way I can subscribe so that I am alerted to new articles? I’m extremely impressed with what I’m reading. Cheers, Matt.

  3. Just wanted to drop in and say β€” you have some phenomenal analysis on this blog and across the web. Hats off to you. If you ever find yourself in NYC, drinks on me!

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