“Ever since coming across Jeremy’s blog, I have learned a lot in relation to his unique approach to investing and profited rather handsomely along the way. As such, when Jeremy launched his subscription service I did not hesitate to subscribe if for no other reason other than to support his work and say thanks. As it turns out, one of the first research articles he posted suggested a stock that subsequently doubled within a few weeks, essentially paying for his service many times over almost immediately. Jeremy’s creditor style approach and exhaustive research has not only been valuable from a financial perspective but I have also learned a great deal that I can then apply to researching companies on my own as well.”
Personal Investor, Melbourne, Australia

“I was a day one subscriber because Jeremy is one of the best credit-focused equity analysts I know.  I trust his judgment, admire his research, and enjoy his writing.  You should subscribe, too.  It is an easy call.  As always: think for yourself and do your own work, but this research tool will introduce ideas that will help you make some money and learn something along the way.”

Chris DeMuth Jr
Partner, Rangeley Capital

“I’ve been swapping ideas with Jeremy for years, and have been consistently impressed by the clarity and robustness of his research process on under-the-radar opportunities. Highly recommend the service – it will pay for itself many times over!”

Harris Kupperman
Founder and President, Praetorian Capital

“Raper Capital research is among the best I’ve read in over 30 years of investing.  Raper makes a great case in his recommendations of how you get paid for the risks you’re taking from the perspective of valuation, trends, and potential catalysts—a discipline I rarely find in the vast majority of research I see.”

Charles Wyman
Portfolio Manager & Chief Risk Officer, Seaport Investment Management

“I subscribed to Jeremy’s service since the very first day, because as a long standing fan of his analyst work I knew what I would get: original, independent, well-thought ideas with solid diligence, and superb risk/reward profiles. I already made more than 20x the subscription fee on just one idea-a no-brainer really!”

Laurent Constanty
Archer Street Capital