Past Performance

Here you can see the historical performance of all ideas I have written up in the public domain (Seeking Alpha; this blog; Sumzero), or discussed on public podcasts. I will endeavor to update this page every quarter.

The overall summary of performance data is as follows (as of end-April 2020):

Screenshot 2020-05-02 13.54.39
Screenshot 2020-05-02 16.17.09

That is, I have published 49 discrete investment ideas at a 76% win rate over 6 years, generating average gross returns of 28% and 41% on longs and shorts, respectively, and an average alpha contribution – that is, gross outperformance versus the MSCI All World Index – of 31%. The average holding period for ideas is ~9.5 months, suggesting a simple average annualized gross return per idea of ~43%.

Here you can see each discrete idea, with the company name, ticker, and all other relevant data, sorted by gross return. Note that all of these ideas remain time-stamped in the public domain (and can be sourced upon request).

published performance record

Screenshot 2020-05-02 16.07.20
Screenshot 2020-05-02 16.08.39