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Australian born and raised, I majored in History at Harvard University (Class of ’08). I have 12+ years of buy- and sell-side experience in a variety of roles, and currently manage my personal account full-time. I tend to view the equity markets through a credit analyst’s lens (‘thinking like a creditor rather than an owner’); I try to consider the whole capital structure of an enterprise when I invest; and I believe sustainable free cash flow is the primary foundation of business value. I have little interest in purported growth stocks (unless on the short side if there is a balance sheet/restructuring angle). You can see a more detailed outline of my investing philosophy and methodology here.

Outside of investing, I am passionate about sports (swimming, skiing, and tennis, in particular); learning new languages; traveling; and history! I recently moved back to Tokyo, Japan, with my wife and young daughter (after having lived in London for the past four years), and my second child, a son, arrived 4 months ago πŸ™‚ It is great to be back in Asia!

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18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Likewise. I read and study your writings/analysis very carefully and aspire to someday try to do something half as well! I particularly like how you seriously consider the opposite to your thesis as well as the caution you bring. You have an entertaining style as well. You’re a real favorite at seekingalpha!

    Best wishes for your wedding too!

    • Allan – my apologies for taking three years to reply to such a nice missive…indeed my wedding was great! I am writing more regularly now, so please keep checking my site. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  2. Hello, Is there a way I can subscribe so that I am alerted to new articles? I’m extremely impressed with what I’m reading. Cheers, Matt.

  3. Just wanted to drop in and say β€” you have some phenomenal analysis on this blog and across the web. Hats off to you. If you ever find yourself in NYC, drinks on me!

  4. Recently joined your subscription. Great analysis. Just curious – if you have looked into RWWI (Rand Worldwide).

      • I believe so. It took itself to OTC listing in 2015 – probably to avoid the regular filing. 20%+ revenue CAGR, high ROIC, trading at 11-12x PE .. Its European listed peer (slightly larger size) trades at 30x+PE, where quality is same what I understood.. Just lack of details (probably willingly) – hence need to do a little bit more research.. If you have any thought would appreciate ..

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