Podcast series: Coronavirus investing implications

I went back on Eric Schleien’s podcast and will do an ongoing series (5-6 episodes) to discuss how I’m approaching the markets during these turbulent times; and also of course where I think there is value to be had.



Hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult period. As Churchill said, ‘If you’re going through Hell, keep going.’ – This may indeed be that but we’ll persevere and find a way. Thanks for your ongoing support!



2 thoughts on “Podcast series: Coronavirus investing implications

  1. Quick question – I see the Qantas ADRs are trading for ca USD7, each ADR is 10 shares so this is equivalent to 1.19 AUD …. quite a discount to the Sydney price. Do you see a reason for this or any drawback from using the ADR to express a view on the stock?

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