33 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Independent Committee of the Board of Hunter Douglas N.V.

  1. Nicely written, Jeremy. I can only imagine how much time, effort, and research went into this. Good luck!

  2. Nice work Jeremy. Very compelling and extremely well articulated letter and arguments exposing the self-interested actions of a majority shareholder, and those of his cronies and associates who are hoping to maintain their present advantages by currying favor in supporting those actions. Thanks for the research and work this took.

  3. Hi Jeremy, how sophisticated our letter should be? in one hundred years I would not manage to produce something even similar to yours..

    • haha thanks Jehu. it doesnt have to be sophisticated. a simple expression of disgust, along with maybe one or two basic reasons, and saying you will not tender your shares, shoudl be sufficient. if you are able, i would counsel everyone to send physical letters as well, not just emails. they are much harder to ignore…

  4. Sometimes you do things Jeremy and I just have this urge to stand up and start clapping, even if I read it when I’m in the local bodega

  5. Would recommend sending to wire services (businesswire, prn) if you haven’t already, more likely to be picked up by FT/WSJ and other mainstream news

    Have a sizable stake in this as well – r

    • i looked into this but that costs $8.5k given the length of the appendix. i am not really looking to spend that kind of money when I can get it distributed fairly easily through other means (Twitter, etc)

  6. Jeremy,
    Great letter. Just penned a quick email to the CFO to add to the “weight” of correspondence hitting the management team.
    Thanks again.

  7. Got a pretty swift reply…

    Thank you for your e-mail. We will forward this to the Board/Independent Committee.

  8. As a Dutchman and the owner of 724 shares Hunter Douglas, I am ashamed of this public display of greed by a fellow Dutchman.
    Sometimes it is not only about what is lawfully possible but also what is right. The Sonnenberg’s have lost the ability to distinguish between both.

  9. Great letter Jeremy. I sent one a few days back too. Hopefully a positive outcome will materialize for all of us!

  10. Dear Mr. Raper:

    I am a long term holder of 400 sh of Hunter Douglas NV and I support your position 100%. As a small minority holder I greatly appreciate your standing up in opposition to this tender offer. Be assured that I refuse to tender my shares at this grossly inadequate offer. Please continue to fight for our rights as minority shareholders and maybe Mr Sonnenberg will be thwarted in this blatantly unfair action. Minority shareholders: Stand up and be counted!

  11. Great letter. This is one of th emost outrageous corporation actions I have ever seen. Please share the email or snail mail addresses of the people at the company who should get a letter from me.

    • Jonathan – many thanks for your support. Please write to the CFO, Leen Reijtenbagh, at the following email, asking to confirm receipt and forward email/letter onwards to the independent committee of the BoD. You can also (if you wish) send a physical letter (as I did) to the below address. thanks!


      Piekstraat 2
      3071 EL Rotterdam

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